• "Named in support of The Venus Project’s global aims for peace, sustainability and abundance for all, Venus Rising are a 4-piece folk rock band that is sure to put a smile on your face. Their debut album, Happy Daze, was released to a packed crowd in their home of Cheshire, and has received BBC 6 Music and Radio Caroline airplay, and support from Tom Robinson, Kim Wilde and Mark Radcliffe. They have shared festival lineups with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Paul Carrack, Midge Ure, Paul Young and many more, and we’re happy to add IPO to their list of growing festival credits!" IPO Festival programme, Cavern Club

  • "If you like your folk music, have a good listen to Venus Rising." BBC's Mark Radcliffe, after introducing us at Knutsford Beer Festival

  • LOVE it!Kim Wilde (about single ‘Lazy Daze’)

  • And now, time for a couple more tips from my own BBC Introducing Mixtape on 6 Music...the band is Venus Rising, the track is Lazy Daze.” The Tom Robinson Show, BBC 6 Music

  • "Venus Rising are a very professional, reliable and hardworking band, super easy to sound check and great with communication. They have a fantastic folk rock sound, play to their audience, and are on it with social media in terms of promoting themselves and the events they play at. We booked them for Knutsford Beer Festival 2015 after Mark Radcliffe and I selected them as the competition winners - we invited them back to play our 2016 event and they went down really well at both festivals to packed out rooms. They play with energy and have a great vibe - people buzz off the music - and they're happy to throw in great crowd pleasing covers. Their version of 'Sweet Harmony' is the best cover version I've heard of that song. All in all, a highly recommended band for any event - we'll definitely be re-booking them." Paul Langley, Festival Entertainment Officer, Knutsford Beer Festival

  • "With the largest of smiles on her face that no-one would have been able to wipe off was Sheena Bratt with her band Venus Rising. As they played jolly and upbeat tracks, Sheena couldn’t help but dance her way through the songs, tapping away as she sung with enthusiasm and excitement." Bethan Shuff, REBEL

  • "Original, enthusiastic folk music with an edge. Venus Rising are a genuine pleasure to listen to. Their live performances are both energised and inclusive. We've had them on twice now, the second time as a headline and we look forward to their return. Highly recommended, fun and professional performance combined." Glyn Sutton. Colossus Productions @ The Box, Crewe.

  • "It is always an immense pleasure to host Sheena Bratt, both as a solo performer, who plays guitar beautifully to accompany her outstanding vocals, and with her band Venus Rising.
    The self-penned material is intelligent and well thought out. Each song performed pays regard to our social relationship versus the balance of ecological issues. Not only by highlighting the often deterimental impact that we humans have made upon earth, but also to educate, evaluate and find a positive way forward.
    It is a refreshing change to see and hear an individual and group of fine musicians, layering instruments and vocal techniques in Urban Folk style, with much needed messages that emphasise peacefulness, sustainability, our debt to repair nature and living freely and harmoniously as one global family that is respectful of all life." 
    Annie Bellyou, Promoter at The Glebe, Stoke.

  • "Despite the horrible gloom I can see from my window as I write, listening to the new single from the Cheshire Folk/Folk Rock collective know as Venus Rising, I have conjured an image of sunshine sat atop crafted melodies and heartfelt surroundings. The latest single from the band follows a more dulcet line with the band on the whole sounding more subdued in comparison to previous work such as ‘Lazy Daze’ or ‘Little Girl Blues’.Focusing on that rare feeling of freedom you find in beautiful natural isolation, ‘Woodlight’ is the second single from the forthcoming debut album due in 2017." Musically Fresh

  • "Beautifully melodic acoustic intro, with a gentle, lilting vocal tone, filled with natural world lyrical emphasis and oozing warmth and sincerity. Nice relaxed pace, encouraging deep relaxation. The title’s very apt, conjuring imagery of camp fires and gentle singalongs, in the company of elementals and a generally otherworldly atmosphere. A lovely, comforting, soft folk rock journey, to other realms of life. Sheer escapism. 8/10 ******** For fans of folk rock, acoustic, alternative and soft rock." Jenny Tate's (Rock Queen Reviews) reviewing Woodlight

  • "Venus Rising have had a good year, to say the least. Playing gigs around the country, on bills with big name acts, releasing a single to rave reviews and now this. Their second single ‘Woodlight’. It’s different to ‘Lazy Daze’, their last release, in the sense that it’s far more relaxing. ‘Woodlight’ is something you could easily fall asleep to, but that’s certainly not an insult. Front woman Sheena Bratt’s soft vocals shine through, in this stripped back folk track about enjoying the small pleasures in life with the people you love. A trickling guitar, accompanied by silky smooth bass and additional harmonies from fellow band members, make the overall sound of ‘Woodlight’ heavenly.  It’s an altogether enjoyable piece of music from start to finish, demonstrating the band’s musical diversity and ability to flit between genres and styles. You won’t be able to get your groove on, but you will be able to de-stress and let your cares slide away. I doubt Venus Rising have any plans for a relaxation album in the near future, but ‘Woodlight’ proves that anything is possible. If you have a hard time coping with the pre-Christmas stress, I highly recommend you listen to this. Those winter blues will be far behind you." E Major Music Blog

  • "Over at the Big Top marquee, Venus Rising were doing a pretty good job of picking up the audience too. Their upbeat melodies and cheery personalities inspired a burst of energy within the tent causing everyone to leave the performance with a spring in their step." (Mytacism Music reviewing their set at The Acoustic Festival of Britain 2015)

  • "A really positive and uplifting folk song." Michael Chisolm, speaking about album track "Rainbow Child" on the Artistic Echoes Show on Canalside 102.8 fm

  • Our latest single Woodlight was January's single of the month in Ryan's Gig Guide, and they've even been sweet enough to mention us on the front cover. How nice of them: "Definitely for people who enjoy the music of Joni Mitchell as this tune is up there with some of the best...their debut album will be released later this year. Incredible, inspiring and beautiful music with an underground goal to bring about good universal change to our world. Please check them out. Sheena has a super voice and this type of songwriting is very professional.Ryan's Gig Guide's Nick J Townsend (reviewing ‘Lazy Daze’)


"Lazy Daze – Upbeat, jolly acoustic intro you’ll remember instantly, if you’ve heard it before. Sheena’s gentle, happy lilting vocals are perfectly suited to the light-hearted folk rock style, as is her brief tinkling laugh in the closing section, well matched with the light tambourine ending, providing a blissful, short lived respite from the cares of the world.


RBE – An even gentler intro, with a refreshing energy about it. Flowing effortlessly, like a warm summer breeze through your mind. Some nice melodic riffs, rockily blitzing their way through the track, assisted by one of those instantly catchy choruses you find yourself being swept away by. A feel good track, if ever there was one.

Rainbow Child – Opening with a jazzy uplifting riff, always boding well. A very meaningful sense to the lyrics, capably reinforced by Sheena’s happily, energised vocals. Instant catch again. Ideal for all fey enthusiasts and though it’s very short, there’s a clear power about it, both focused and fun.

Little Girl Blues – Down-tuning slightly now, but just as uplifting. Again, there’s an emphatic message in the music and it’s delivered so gently, yet with so much strength, at the same time. Another brief, but no less profound and purposeful song.

She And He – Taking things back up again here, for a faster paced, beautifully melodic track, filled with colourful visual imagery. This one does seem to end a bit too soon, but that’s it’s only disappointment. Otherwise, it’s light, summery and cheerful.

Unity – Liking that bluesy intro riff and vocal! Bringing in a new perspective, it’s a creative attention draw and it works. Those riffs really come to life, as they rock it up and slide their way into your soul, showing what they’re made of. Stand-out track and in fact, there’s such a deep blues impression to this, that you’d expect to hear it in a trad blues club. A wildcard of jazzed up versatility.


Synchronicity – Slowing things down, just a notch now, before fluidly moving into a freer essence of folky feeling, with more catchy riffs and complete connected flow. Dreamy, pleasant and naturally whimsical.

Fire In Your Eyes – Oh, now if you listen carefully, you can hear an acoustic version of Led Zep’s ‘Your Time Is Gonna Come’ introing this and that’s a very fine way to open. Continuing with such gorgeous riffage, you’ll feel it very deeply. Such a soulful song, the sound justifies the title well.

My Muse And I – Zippy, tight riff intro now, injecting plenty more colour and passion, it’s simply unmissable. Great rapid pace and Sheena never misses a beat. Total cohesion and connection again, in that same audio-visual way, carrying uplift factor, in a big way. Well titled.

In Love’s Name – More bluesy feel, tinged with moving emphasis, in a very real sense. In a very V.R. way, you hear that olde worlde charm in it, which this world could use more of. Pleasant melody and audible escapism.

Woodlight – Warm, welcoming intro, so soothing to the soul. Catchy in that most therapeutic sense, just filling your aura with homely comfort. Those who’ve heard the single previously will remember and have retained that glorious catharsis with which it fills you, along with the visual sense of transportation to a camp site, by firelight, complete with folky sing-alongs and friendship forged in fey-like forests.

Waterfall – Opening with watery sounds and sensations and a beautifully sinister tone, imbued with meaning and truth. A very deeply visual song, exploring the water theme, to the end. Very well placed closer, ending with a magical sounding tinkling trickle of water, cascading gently, down a Fountain and leaving the rest to your imagination.

Overall – A lovingly produced and stunningly atmospheric album, laced throughout, with perfected simplicity. Its strength lies in its purity and natural elements, combining, to create such dreamlike accessible soundscapes, proving that V.R. create their music from a place of truth, love and sincerity. Reflecting a better, more complete and melodic version of guided imagery, for alt rock lovers, ‘H.D’. Is like coming home.

8/10 ********

For fans of Pentangle, Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny, Fleetwood Mac, fey, folk and alt rock. 

  • "Suberb production, universal lyrics, top musicianship and insanely catchy riffs. Put a big smile on my face! This deserves to do very well indeed - congrats you very talented lady." Rich Lane, Cotton Bud Records

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